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Upcoming events with IDGF member participation.

Conferences & Workshops Conferences & Workshops

IDGF workshops and presentations at past  conferences

2014-09-25: Crowd Computing  2014 Workshop, Almere, The Netherlands

2014-07-02: 21st IDGF Workshop, colocated with Grid'2014, in Dubna, Russia

2014-05-19/23: EGI Community Forum 2014, Helsinki, Finland

2014-04-02/04: ICRI 2014, Athens, Greece

2014-02-20/22: The 3rd Citizen Cyberscience Summit, London, United Kingdom



2013-07-01/06, Budapest, Hungary  Summer School on Grid and Cloud Workflows and Gateways

2013-04-08/12, Manchester, United Kingdom - EGI Community Forum



2012-07-02/06, Budapest, Hungary  SCI-BUS, SHIWA, EDGI joint Summer School on Workflows and Gateways for Grids and Clouds (supported by EDGI)

2012-03-26/30, Munich, Germany (supported by EDGI) - EGI Community Forum

2012-02-26 / 2012-03-02, Taipei, Taiwan (supported by DEGISCO) - International Symposium on Grids and Clouds - ISGC 2012



2011-12-12/14, Moscow, Russia (supported by DEGISCO) - Modern Information technology and IT-education Conference

2011-11-07, Cracow, Poland (supported by DEGISCO) - Cracow Grid Workshop 2011

2011-09-19, Lyon, France (suppored by EDGI) - EGI Technical Forum

2011-08-18, Hannover, Germany (supported by EDGI) - 7th BOINC Workshop

2011-07-11/16, Budapest, Hungary  Joint European DCI Summer School (supported by EDGI)

2011-04-14, Vilnius, Lithuania (supported by EDGI) - EGI User Forum

2011-03-22, Taipei, Taiwan (supported by DEGISCO) - International Symposium on Grids and Clouds 2011

  •  Distributed Desktop Grid and Volunteer Computing session, including:
  1. Porting applications to a Distributed Computing Infrastucture incorporating Desktop Grids - Tamas Kiss, University of Westminster, UK
  2. Integrate Virtual Screening Service with Desktop Grid by DeGISCO infrastructure - Chun-Wei Shen, ASGC, Taiwan
  3. The Quake-Catcher Network: A Volunteer Computing Seismic Network - Elizabeth Cochran, QuakeCatcher, US
  4. First release of Desktop Grids for eScience Road Map - Ad Emmen, AlmereGrid, The Netherlands
  • See also the 6th IDGF Tutorial on March 21 at the same place.



2010-09-17, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  • Technical session: Supporting EGI user communities with Desktop Grid resources at the EGI Technical Forum
  • See also the 2nd IDGF Tutorial at the same day and place.

2010-07-01, Dubna, Russia (supported by DEGISCO)

2010-06-23, Cetraro, Italy (supported by EDGI)