Chapters Chapters

Chapters are formed by regional members that must already be the member of IDGF, so first a general membership must be acquired) that want to work together with a regional focus -for example institutes/ organisations from one country can establish a chapter (as current members: the United Kingdom,Hungary, Russia or Netherlands did) or some from a larger geographical region such as South-East Asia.

Currently there are 4 chapters: 

  1. Russian Chapter,
  2. Hungarian Chapter,
  3. Dutch Chapter, and;
  4. South-Asian Chapter.

Chapter formal structure

Forming a chapter always needs the approval of the Executive Board and a financial plan is required before the establishment. Every chapter will elect as a minimum a chair and a secretary and other board members when needed. Chairs will be elected by all the members for 3 years, until a maximum of 6 years (1 re-election possible). The chapter boards will elect members of Organizational and Technical Board. They will be elected by all the members per 3 years, until a maximum of 6 years (1 re-election).In principle, IDGF members can be members of more than one chapter.

Chapter tasks

Chapter tasks include looking for funds, organizing and realizing activities and translations. Chapters can attract own funding, but financial tasks will be handled by the operating organisation. They all have autonomy to realize events but all the activities must be reported in the forum and to the Technical and Organizational Boards. If a chapter takes the financial risks to realize an activity it should decide on the costs and fees.

Support tools

Chapters are supported by the closed and open IDGF Portal and some particular Message Boards.