Why join IDGF? Why join IDGF?

IDGF membership involves the following:

  • current membership is free
  • members can get access to the IDGF discussion forum
  • members can get supports from IDGF experts in any DG system-related issue (e.g. application porting, creating and operating a DG system, etc.)
  • members will be certified as experts (if they want) by IDGF

Membership application Membership application

To apply for membership please send an e-mail to:

secretariat [{at]} desktopgridfederation.org


  • your name
  • organisation
  • e-mail address

Membership application form

Please use this form to display interest in becoming a member of the International Desktop Grid Federation. You will be contacted later when more information is available.

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Αυτό το πεδίο είναι υποχρεωτικό.
Αυτό το πεδίο είναι υποχρεωτικό.
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Experimental form submission

Membership application

After you did send your data the systems anwsers: "Your request completed successfully." You then will be contacted in the next few days.