Programme Programme

Desktop Grid Computing and Applications


Desktop Grids can be volunteer Desktop Grids, collecting computer capacity from tens-of-thousands of PCs at home or local Desktop Grids consisting of otherwise unused machines inside a university or institute. International Desktop Grid Federation brings together various Desktop Grid technologies such as  BOINC, OurGrid, XtremWeb, Condor and IDGF communities such as SZTAKI Desktop Grid, and Rechenkraft.

Learning Objectives:

To provide practical knowledge and hands-on experience on:

  1. Installing client and server for Desktop Grid
  2. Running Desktop Grid Application
Target Audience:
  • Scientists and Application Developers looking for ways to use more computing power.
  • Anyone who considers setting up a local or volunteer desktop grid.


1. Dr Robert Lovas

2. Mr Muhammad Farhan Sjaugi

More information available at:

Universiti Teknologi Petronas