Programme Programme


9h00 - 10h15  Part 1 - Training session (three IDGF training modules)

- Introduction to desktop Grids: Ad Emmen
- Basic Grid installation, including volunteer and local DGs: Jozsef Kovacs
- Extending gLite and ARC with Desktop Grids: Zoltan Farkas
- The last part discusses the monitoring facilities of the integrated infrastructure and some use cases of experience with connecting and using
these type of infrastructures: Zoltan Farkas

10h15 - 10h45 Part 2 - Desktop Grids intro and IDGF overview

- What IDGF can do for you: Introduction into Desktop Grids: Ad Emmen and Peter Kacsuk 
- Applications that run on Desktop Grids: Tamas Kiss

10h45 - 11h15 Break

11h15 - 12h30 Part 3 - Infrastructure overview

- EDGI/DEGISCO infrastructures, Desktop Grids and their monitoring: Zoltan Farkas
- Bridging with gLite and Arc: Zoltan Farkas
- Access the infrastructure by a production gateway, including demo: Zoltan Farkas
- Extending DG systems with Clouds, including demo: Jozsef Kovacs
- Adding quality of service to Desktop Grids with SpeQulos: Simon Delamare

- Connecting YoYo@home: Robert Lovas