Venue Venue

The 19th IDGF tutorial and the EGI Community Forum will be held in Manchester, UK, at the University Place, a new purpose-built auditorium and seminar room complex at the very heart of the University of Manchester's main campus, Oxford Road, only minutes from the centre of Manchester City.

Just across the road from the venue, Ernest Rutherford devised the nuclear model of the atom; Hans Geiger built his first radiation counters; Marie Stopes began her academic career; Freddie Williams and Tom Kilburn engineered the first stored-program computer; and Alan Turing pondered the prospect of machine intelligence.

The historic University campus also includes the Manchester Museum - close enough to visit during session breaks - with its extensive natural history collections, Egyptology displays and vivarium. The Oxford Road area is well served for cafés with the Whitworth Art Gallery and the restaurants of Rusholme in walking distance.