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Custom Installer Issue

Custom Installer Issue
29/03/12 02:54
Hi everyone,

We've been trying to mass install BOINC clients in our campus. A solution by "" is to edit the MSI installer for windows so that we don't need to click "nexts" on the proceeding installation windows. But I found a problem when I extracted the exe package.

The editing of MSI Installer on windows 7 and XP as mentioned in the tutorial didn't work with following error message:
'A BOINC component didn't get updated properly. Please run the repair tool from the "Control Panel - Add/Remove Programs" tool ("Control Panel - Program Features" tool on newer version of Windows).'

The screenshot is attached within this email. We tried to run the repair tool but it wasn't available as the only option was to remove the program.

Hope anyone can shine some light here :-)


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