IDGF training courses overview IDGF training courses overview


IDGF organises two types of training courses. The first one is targeted towards Grid operators: i.e. people that want to set up a Grid or have to administrate a Grid. The second type is aimed at Grid application developers: i.e. people that develop applications for a Grid.

IDGF concentrates on four technical topics:

  1. BOINC Based Desktop Grids

  2. XtremWeb based Desktop Grids

  3. OurGrid based Desktop Grids

  4. IDGF type of Grids: combination of Desktop and Service Grids. More specifically, the use of the 3G Bridge is topic of a training session.

The training modules are organised towards the different audiences:

General audience

  1. General introduction to Desktop Grids and IDGF

  2. Introduction into parallel computing for Desktop Grids

  3. The IDGF Application Development Methodology (EADM)



  • Grid operators

    1. Grid operators: beginners

    2. Grid operators: advanced




  • Grid application developers

    1. Grid application developers: beginners

    2. Grid application developers: advanced


    Topics in Desktop and IDGF Grids

    1. Running applications in DG SG and gLite DG

    2. Running applications ARC DG

    In practice each event organised always included several topics, depending on the main focus of the training event.

    For each course we define the target audience, the content of the course to be presented and the required training facility if needed. The content is provided in a table where each line corresponds to a phase of the course. One phase is defined by the followings: name, prerequisites (if any), the location of the related software components ("Where to get"), URL of the documentation and a description what the audience can learn during the phase.