Infrastructures Infrastructures

There are three types of infrastructures. A  number are available for members:

  1. The integrated DEGISCO infrastructure. This integrates  (and wil intgrate) several service Grids, such as EGI (gLite) part, the Russian Grid, and China Grid, with BOINC, OurGrid and XtremWeb based desktop grids (including SZTAKI DG, AlmereGrid, UoW Desktop Grid, EDGeS@Home, and many more.)
  2. The integrated EDGI infrastructure, This will integrate EGI (also Unicore and KnowArc parts) with European Desktop Grids. EDGI contains a large development infrastructure.
  3. Many individual Desktop Grids, a big part run in isolation.

BOINC Grid statistics form IDGF member Grids BOINC Grid statistics form IDGF member Grids