Introduction into parallel computing for Desktop Grids Introduction into parallel computing for Desktop Grids



The target audience for this course is either application developers who are not familiar with desktop grid systems but have a generic understanding of programming and application development, or "expert" end-users who wish to understand the underlying principles and requirements towards an application that is capable to utilise desktop grid resources.


The course gives an overview regarding the requirements of applications to be ported to desktop grid infrastructures, outlines the major scenarios to run applications on desktop grid resources, and gives an introduction to the tools and methods that can be applied when porting an application to a desktop grid or combined service grid/desktop grid platform.




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Introduction to application porting tools and scenarios to desktop grids

Basic understanding of desktop grids (General introduction to Desktop Grids and IDGF, or equivalent)

See course titled General introduction to Desktop Grids and IDGF

Understands the requirements towards an application to be ported to DG, aware of the tools that can be used


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