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1 Million CPU hours provided for volunteer Desktop Grids from HPC centers

In June 2012, the HPC centers of Desktop Grid Virtual Organisation (managed by the DEGISCO project) provided more than 1 Million normalized CPU hours for the supported volunter Desktop Grids in the last month.

It was the first time when the e-Infrastructure reached this outstanding 1 Million CPU-hour level per month by utilizing the spare capacities of HPC clusters running gLite grid middleware. The new fault-tolerant, high-throughput, and geographically distributed 3G Bridge deployment (in Budapest by MTA SZTAKI, in Moscow by ISA-RAS, and in Taipei by ASGC) allowed us to gather 272,883 workunits from 10 different volunteer projects involving (among others) CAS@home, Ibercivis, Slinca@home, SAT@home and SZTAKI Desktop Grid. The workunits have been bridged to the Desktop Grid VO resources, and after their execution the results have been successfully transferred back to their sources; to the scientific users communities.

We would like to thank all the supporters from Grid centers for their help and assistance; especially from UPM/Biruni Grid (Malaysia), INGRID (Portugal), GRIF (France), IPB (Serbia), and SZTAKI (Hungary).