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New Desktop Grid on duty by Joint Institute for Nuclear Research

We are glad to announce that the Joint Insitute for Nuclear Research (JINR, Dubna, Russia) has successfully deployed and integrated into their existing distributed e-Infrastructure a new institutional Desktop Grid.

The recently deployed testbed is based on the SZTAKI BOINC package and is to collect underloaded computational capacities of the personal computers at JINR and its member state organisations. Thanks to the bridging technology offered by IDGF, the capacities of the formerly deployed distributed EMI (European Middleware Initative) based infrastructure has been extended and now it became able to feed the new Desktop Grid with jobs submitted by the researchers from Russia and other member states.

The deployment work has been managed by Nikolay Kutovskiy from JINR-LIT and has been supported by the SZTAKI DesktopGrid team in the frame of IDGF-SP project. More information can be found at