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Talks by several IDGF members at 9th BOINC Workshop in Grenoble, France

During the 9th BOINC Workshop on BOINC and volunteer computing, held 25-27 September 2013 in Grenoble, France, The IDGF members were very well represented.  Peter Hanappe from Sony highlighted the latest developments on energy measurements. Christian Beer and Uwe Beckert brought News from and the RNA World (video). Jozsef Kovacs presented a status report  on SZTAKI & the International Desktop Grid Federation (video).  Adam Visegradi from SZTAKI gave a talk on Random linear coding in distributed storage (video).  Wenjing Wu provided insight on the CAS@home status (video). Francisco Sanz Garcia focused on Twitter Bootstrap and BOINC (beginning of the video). Dario Ferrer explained about the  University of Westmister and University of Portsmouth, Desktop Grids in Academy environments (end of the video).