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Book on Desktop Grid Computing is released

A new book on Desktop Grid Computing, published by CRC Press, contains 15 chapters over 388 pages. The book appears in the series "Chapman & Hall/CRC Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing Series". It has been published on June 25, 2012 with ISBN 9781439862148. The editors are Christophe Cérin, Université Paris XIII, Villetaneuse, France and Gilles Fedak, INRIA, University of Lyon, France. The book illustrates how Desktop Grid computing is used in various fields, such as bioinformatics and medical imaging; presents state-of-the-art methods, models, and technologies; and examines the design of middleware and architecture. You can get the book from your favorite bookshop.

Summary: Desktop Grid Computing presents common techniques used in numerous models, algorithms, and tools developed during the last decade to implement desktop grid computing. These techniques enable the solution of many important sub-problems for middleware design, including scheduling, data management, security, load balancing, result certification, and fault tolerance.

The book's first part covers the initial ideas and basic concepts of desktop grid computing. The second part explores challenging current and future problems. Each chapter presents the sub-problems, discusses theoretical and practical issues, offers details about implementation and experiments, and includes references to further reading and notes.

One of the first books to give a thorough and up-to-date presentation of this topic, this resource describes various approaches and models as well as recent trends that underline the evolution of desktop grids. It balances the theory of designing desktop grid middleware and architecture with applications and real-world deployment on large-scale platforms.