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Desktop Grids at the EGI User Forum

The IDGF workshop at the EGI User Forum attracted 20 attendees from 7 countries by representing various existing and potential new communities as well as the funding unit from the EC. The participants learnt on Desktop Grids particularly from application developers' and users' point of view but the main strength of the workshop was the excellent presentations and testimonials from the users who have already experienced the benefits of applying Desktop Grids for eScience. The live and pre-recorded presentations included success stories from a wide range of scientific areas including (among others) material sciences from Ukraine, astrophysics from Italy, and bioinformatics from Taiwan. Beside this workshop, the IDGF members represented the DEGISCO and the EDGI projects at several other sessions in Vilnius with demonstrations, contributions to the SIENA and ERINA+ workshops as panelists, introduction to the Desktop Grid related activities at the GISELA/CHAIN workshop, and presentations in the session 'User Environments' as well. (Robert Lovas)