Road map - Fourth release Road map - Fourth release

Members of the International Desktop Grid Federation (IDGF) collaboration gladly announce the fourth release of the IDGF Roadmap, which has been published in December 2013. It is available in two versions, the technical part focuses more on the technical background while the management part describes the whole context of Desktop Grid Computing. 

The first section of the Technical part aims to be a comprehensive manual that guides through the steps of setting up a Desktop Grid in universities / research institutes and even by an average citizen at home to to take part in crowd computing. Desktop Grid operators, scientific users, the academic community, legal experts, and volunteer computing organisations can all benefit from reading. Other sections provide details on the technical background that facilitates the smooth and secure operation and also show how desktop grids can be integrated with other infrastructures. Further chapters show examples of disseminating the Desktop Grid initiatives and lintroduce specific communication channels. Security challenges and their solutions are also exposed in the document. The last chapter raises the question of how this technology can be more eco-friendly and become a green IT approach.

The Management part is targeted at stakeholders and members of general public who would like to understand the benefits of desktop computing. This version showcases examples of successful voulunteer computing projects from different countries and presents a survey that revealed the willingness of citizens to donate unused computer power in order to advance scientific research. Reading the further chapters, it will be clear how desktop grids relate to other e-Infrastructures in the Europen Union and worldwide, and how the International Desktop Grid Federation (IDGF) is built up as an organisation. The reader will understand through best practices and interesting case studies the ways desktop grids can give a helping hand not only to science but also to industry. Green IT aspects of the technology are covered in this version as well, leaving no doubt about the energy efficiency of desktop grids.


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The next version of the Roadmap will be available from November 2014.