Products and services Products and services

Core services

These are the general core services provided by IDGF.



Participant of the IDGF


Access to external portal



Access to participant list



Become member of a working group



Become member of a Chapter

Free (if it fits the chapter)


Access to message boards



Access to technical documentation



Access to experts

Free/Reduced fee

Full fee

Access to events

Number of free tickets/sometimes reduced fees

Full fee




The fees are described elsewhere: .

The working groups and chapters can decide whether material and discussions should be more open or more restricted depending on what they want to achieve. Currently we have the IDGF-SP produced Road map and slides of presentations at all IDGF events - organised with support from the DEGISCO,  EDGI or IDGF-SP project. the open, public section.

IDGF did get a kick start because partners from the DEGISCO and EDGI projects actively contribute to the portal, material and message boards. This is used to attract new participants and get them involved. New content from IDGF participants will gradually dominate the portal however.

The technical documentation created by the DEGISCO and EDGI projects and furtehr developed by the IDGF-SP project,  are  available as a project deliverable that can be downloaded from the project web site. In the IDGF portal we converted some of those deliverables to Wiki pages that are easier to use. This enriched wiki is a service for participants.

The next services can be offered in the context of IDGF and certified by IDGF. The services themselves are delivered by participants.

Example: setting up a Desktop Grid

This could be offered by participant organisations that are IDGF certified and use IDGF material.

This could include:

  • Support for creation of a local desktop grid

  • Support for creation of a volunteer desktop grid

  • Initial support for porting an application to a desktop grid (to reach a quick prototype)

  • Full support for porting an application to a desktop grid (production level)

  • Support for interconnecting desktop grids with Clouds

  • Support for interconnecting desktop grids with service grids

  • Portal access support for desktop grids (prototype level)

  • Portal access support for desktop grids (production level)

Example: training sessions and tutorials:

There is a modular set of training modules available. ( Especially EDGI has added several new technical courses during the pas yesr.

These training modules could be offered by participant organisations that are IDGF certified and use IDGF material.

They are also be offered as part of IDGF events.

Example: Desktop Grid and Bridge test and development infrastructure

We have to choose whether this will be an IDGF service, or services offered by participants.

Participant portal

Closed portal for participants only. It is used as the working space for participants and also contains documents that are for participants only. It will support the community: working groups and chapters.

Benefit for participants: This is a place to find information on other participants and work with them.

Working groups

Working groups are organised around interests of participants.

Benefit for participants: Can become member of a working group. Work together on topics of interest. Getting experts advise.

Message boards

Message boards are a general communication tool. They will be mainly used as part of a working group or chapter.

Informational/promotional material

Material that explains Desktop grids to the general public and volunteers, to politicians and local sys admins.

Benefit for participants: can reuse quality material based on experience from others. Can co-ordinate communication activities.


IDGF organises events, including conferences, workshops, tutorials, etc. Either as stand-alone events or together with or as part of another (big) event. Most will be open to non-participants too, but they have to pay more or become member in which case the participant fee is included in the event fee.

Benefits for participants: Events targeted at their needs.

Directory of certified services

A directory of certified services delivered by participants on the public part of the IDGF portal.

Benefits of participants: As IDGF is a focal point for Desktop Grid computing, it is one place people will look for services. Also participants can point to the directory as proof they provide certified services.