Sustainability of small e-Infrastructures Sustainability of small e-Infrastructures

We also developed a new type of sustainability model  for IDGF. One that has the potential to be a blue-print for smaller e-infrastructure communities in Europe. Smaller communities lack the scale of for instance EGI and PRACE, but could well be using the legal model developed by IDGF. However, there are still some hurdles to take in this respect.
We implemented our approach of organising an international e-infrastructures community on legal vehicles based on a Dutch legal entity  (Stichting: Foundation) and associated contracts that are not yet well understood outside the Netherlands.  Exploring the possibilities of these legal vehicles and their effectiveness would need to be encouraged and supported by national organisations and the EC.  The IDGF-SP project, and the participation of the Stichting IDGF in that project offers an excellent opportunity to validate and promote this innovative approach.

If you are interested in the legal framework we did develop and whether this could be useful for your e-infrastructure, please contact  the Stichting IDGF.