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How to indicate if the wrapper works correctly?

Hi mates,

I tried the steps described in using "wrapper_6.12.1_windows_intelx86.exe" and created the necessary xml files and template files as mentioned in the guide. But then when I reached the step to execute "./bin/update_versions" command, I'm not sure if the output was correct. When I executed "./bin/update_versions", there was no sign that it discovered "wrapper_6.12.1_windows_intelx86.exe" file. Instead it found "single_job_i686-pc-linux-gnu" file. Maybe anyone know whether this was the correct output or no?. The screen captures are attached within this email. I'll appreciate any detailed step by step regarding the use of wrapper.


Your directory stucture in the apps folder seems to be wrong. Check

Hi Uwe,

Thanks so much for your tips. I'll check it out soon :-)

Kind Regards,