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[Error] Failed to connect to the Boinc database (error #-138)

Hi everyone :-),

When I started BOINC service to run dsp (digital signal processing) application, the app_dsp_dspmaster was not running when I checked using "status" command. And then, when checked the log in app_dsp_dspmaster_1.log file, there's an error which said:
" Failed to connect to the Boinc database (error #-138)
DC_initMaster failed, exiting...
DC_initMaster failed, exiting."

Is there anyone who has the solution to this problem?.


Hi Octa,

Have you check with your mysql settings? (i.e. username and password)

Can also try login to your mysql server to make sure that the username and password are correct.



Hi Mas Farhan,

Thanks for your tips. I'll try it out :-)

Kind Regards,

Hi Mas Farhan,

I tried login to mysql with root username and succeeded with the same password as stated in "/root/.my.cnf" file. Question is: do I have to grant mysql privileges to boinc-test username too or it's been done automatically? because in order to run boinc server actually we need to used boinc-test username (project name is test).


Hello Okta,

Could you let me know where you got that package from? I can have a look at it if you can pass it to me.

Moreover, I do not really understand why you need a dsp_master. Once you have installed the dsp client you can create workunit by yourself using the create_work command.

If you remember, I have already sent a reply to you (29 Feb 2012) on the boinc_projects mailing list. Did you try what I suggested to you in that mail?