The EDGeS Application Development Methodology (EADM) The EDGeS Application Development Methodology (EADM)


The target audience for this course is either application developers who are or will be involved in porting applications to combined SG/DG platforms, or end-users who wish to understand ways and methodologies applied when porting an application to the IDGF platforms. As EADM relies on a strong collaboration between end-users and application developers, training both of these target groups are essential.


The course gives an overview of the IDGF Application Development Methodology (EADM) describing its aims and objectives, major stages, and the tools that can be applied during design and implementation.




Where to get


Learning results


Explanation of the EADM method. Illustrated with examples.

Knowledge about application development, or good working knowledge of scientific applications as end-user.

Application experience with scientific applications, Many training courses are available at universities or computer centres.

Being able to follow the EADM method for porting an application onto the Grid.


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