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Past Tutorials & Workshops

2013-04-11, 19th IDGF tutorial and workshop co-located with the EGI Community Forum, Manchester, United Kingdom (supported by IDGF-SP)

2012-09-26, 18th IDGF tutorial and workshop co-located with the 8th BOINC Workshop in London, United Kingdom (supported by EDGI)

2012-07-20, 17th IDGF tutorial co-located with Distributed Computing and Grid-technologies in Science and Education Conference in Dubna, Russia (supported by DEGISCO)

2012-06-11, 16th IDGF tutorial at the International Conference on Computer & Information Sciences 2012, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (supported by DEGISCO)

2012-03-29, 15th IDGF tutorial at EGI Community Forum, Munich, Germany (supported by EDGI)

2012-03-01/02, 14th IDGF tutorial for the DGrid Community, Mainz, Germany (supported by EDGI)

2012-02-27, 13th IDGF tutorial, at the Asia@home Workshop in Taipei, Taiwan (supported by DEGISCO)

2011-12-13, 12th IDGF tutorial, at the Modern Information technology and IT-education Conference in Moscow, Russia (supported by DEGISCO)

2011-11-06, 11th IDGF tutorial and session, at CGW11, Krakow, Poland (supported by DEGISCO)

2011-09-27, 10th IDGF tutorial and workshop, Serdang, Selangor, Malaysia (supported by DEGISCO)

2011-09-23, 9th IDGF tutorial and workshop, at EGI-TF in Lyon, France (supported by EDGI)

2011-08-17, 8th IDGF workshop, Hannover. Germany (supported by EDGI)

2011-04-14, 7th IDGF Tutorial, Vilnius, Lithuania (supported by EDGI)

2011-03-21, 6th IDGF Tutorial, Taipei, Taiwan (supported by DEGISCO)

2010-12-07, 5th IDGF Tutorial, Orsay, France (supported by DEGISCO)

2010-11-30, 4th IDGF Tutorial, Novosibirsk, Russia (supported by DEGISCO)

2010-11-10, 3rd IDGF Tutorial, Moscow, Russia (supported by DEGISCO)

2010-09-19, 2nd IDGF Tutorial,  Amsterdam, The Netherlands. (supported by EDGI)

2010-06-29, 1st IDGF Tutorial, Dubna, Russia (supported by DEGISCO)