Participant categories Participant categories

There are different types of participant categories (members), each with associated fees. The actual services delivered and the height of the fees are not a legal issue and are described in the business plan


Types of participants:

A. Large organisations that are a legal entity. These are the legal "participants" from the bylaws. Category A participants have influence on all boards, including the Council of IDGF. They have access to all services, and probably use IDGF to promote their own services or products.

B. Organisations that are a legal entity. They do not have a voting right for the Council. But they do have all the other influence and benefits.

C. Organisations that may, or may not be a legal entity. They cannot provide IDGF certified services, do not have voting rights for the Technical/Scientific Board and do not get a description on the public portal.

D. Other organisations and individuals. They can participate in IDGF working groups and chapters, and have access to the closed part of the portal.


Category B, C, D are the associated participants as mentioned in the Bylaws

For Category D participants there is a 6 month trial period (that does not include a free event pass.)



Voting rights Council

Voting rights Technical Board

Access to closed part of Portal

Description on open part of the portal

Advertise services to IDGF participants

Using and adapting IDGF generated marketing material

Provide IDGF certified services

Number of free access tickets to IDGF events (per year)












D (persons)









Please note there are core services available to all participants of IDGF. These are listed in the next section.

The Council members can only be elected by legal entities that are class A participants and did pay the fees.